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  • drod4ball drod4ball Mar 7, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    WHAT A DAY!!!!!

    An exceptional conf call yesterday (according to some here) and we ONLY lose 11 cents, while PIP was up 5%! We are the most fantastically run, small bio tech start up I've EVER seen! One bad decision after another. Hey, why don't we accrue and put off all of our Phase testing too! Let's push that off as far as we can too, to try and screw someone that schooled us in the court system, and then screw ourselves in the interim! Whoever came up with that idea is brilliant!!! Boy do I hope we get decent news from the appeals court, otherwise this company and stock are DOOMED. Run by today morons...and if you disagree, go ahead, look at what the market thought today. Broad markets up, SIGA DOWN, as usual....

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    • OK...we hear ya! Maybe you should spend more time on the PIP board!

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      • Look...Honesty and candidness is refreshing once an awhile.

        Did you listen to the CC that everyone here is so jacked about?

        No new drugs worth a darn in development. by the company. Denngue etc. is light years away. if ever, and more than likely, never. Sanofi already has a Dengue drug in advanced clinicals. Forget it.

        No foreign orders for SAT-246 to date and obviously none coming either. Cannot comment on anything re this topic. IMHO that's because there is nothing to comment about.

        FDA approval process for ST-246 is in fairly early stages. Cannot recognize revenues until that is obtained.

        No one asked Rose what the company intended to do once the Phase 1 BARDA contract was over

        All the money coming in is being used to fund operations and R&D....No profits.
        Deferring of revenue recognition means no profits to show either.

        So what's the big deal re the stock? $4 seems about right for now. PIP gets reversed on the damages issue, maybe $5...BFD... Longs are missing a good stock market out there....

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