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  • one2manysecrets one2manysecrets Mar 8, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    When does Drod start complaining again?

    He has to keep shifting his numbers, but the message is consistent at least : ).

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    • Hey one2manysecrets....why you so quiet today?!?
      I TOLD you....these little runs above and below 4 mean NOTHING. Not until something quantitative occurs. You were all excited over the run, and now it's gone. Once again, SIGA disappoints. Want to know why??? I know you won't listen to me, but I will tell you. It's their process by which they will recognize revenue. NO ONE that knows anything about finance, stocks, or numbers, thinks that is GOOD for the stock price. Think about it this way, if you are going to build on to your house partly to create more value, and you put it off for TWO years, is your house going to worth NOW what it would be with the second story?!? No. And, if you or anyone else thinks anything different, you are a complete fool.

    • Yep, I knew you'd be're never here when the stock is tanking a dump, but you only post BS when it has a good day. Seems to me that you're a pretty weak fellow. Go ahead, get excited that the stock is 4.30. I really can't understand why that's so exciting when it was at 15. I am literally dumbfounded by your stupidity.
      I've said it 1000 times, I'm long. I like it when the stock goes up. But, we have literally had 3 days above $4 in the past several weeks. You think that's great. I think it's just as likely to go back down, as it has happened a MILLION times before with this stock. You sure do get excited over the little things, don't you? When we hit 15 again, I will share in your jubilance.

    • It did tick down a few cents after hours...maybe he'll complain about that. I've had him on ignore for a while now. I'll bet he whined a bit after the cc, I know how he loves Rose.

    • I think so.....PIP is the winner

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