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  • wallstcrookbuster wallstcrookbuster Mar 11, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    If PIP wins, Siga trying to sandbag is wishful thinking and the end

    SIGA pps will be sandbagged as well..and then PIP backers will buy majority of SIGA stock and take over the company. Whoever wins will have the most wallstcrooks backing them. SIGA investors will also lose if they sandbag because PIP will wear them out in the court system...and the judge will not like sandbagging regardless of accounting schemes...which means very little with a judge. A judge looks thru the BS and takes the BSer to the wood shed. That's why SIGA lost in the first place. We need lots of judges to look at what the short scamming inside info trading wallstcrooks do and throw their a$$es in jail with other common criminals.

    Have a good all...I own both and hope they both fly high...but I have my doubts considering wallscrooks everywhere.

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