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  • csmclemore csmclemore Apr 3, 2013 8:16 AM Flag


    I have no detailed analysis for you all today. I have listened to the oral arguments maybe 60 times (I get a little obsessive compulsive) and I am confident that Supreme Court Justice Jacobs is not satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to determine that a final deal would have been reached and executed. I don't know if the other Justices agree, but they seemed to be on the same page. Anyway, I think we are most likely looking at reliance damages only for SIGA to the tune of a few hundred thousand. My favorite part of the oral arguments was when the PIP attorney couldn't answer the Justices questions and tried to filibuster. The one thing I will say, and I did do the analysis, is that I am not convinced the length of time the Delaware Supreme Court is taking to make its decision is that relavent. I think we are looking at a detailed response either way this thing goes, although I do think it will end up in SIGA's favor for other reasons that have nothing to do with the length of time in reaching an opinion. I found it extremely interesting that what I consider to be the fundamental flaw in the logic of the Parson's decision-that it is unknowable if a final agreement would have been reached, granted, and executed-was brought up three times by Jacobs, and PIP's lawyer clearly had no coherent response. Oh, I listened to several other oral arguments also and I will say that there was a distinct difference in how the Justices asked their questions which I think bodes well for SIGA. I apologize if this is not coherent, I've had a few glasses of wine tonight.

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