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  • jstafrn jstafrn Apr 3, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    Stock Movement

    As SIGA backs away from its recent high it occurs to me the court opinion will probably be in SIGA's favor. Since SIGA is a trader's paradise (pair of dice) the savvy traders are set to reap the rewards while the rookies who bought at the last high will be left with very little if any profit. I expect the stock to rise back into the $4 range after the decision thereby again rewarding the traders who are content with 10% to 15% swings.


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    • Right: a court decision which literally doubles Siga's profit for ten years to come will result in a 15% gain on the day. That's good thinking there, Cool Breeze.

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      • Wow. First this guy kage says he "couldn't agree more with cs", but the original poster (cs) stated outright that he doesn't believe the amount of time that has passed is relavant. Yet, kage has been screaming and jumping up and down that it is. How could he not agree more? So, which is it....or, is this simply yet another case of "tell me what I want to hear, and I will nod in agreement"?

        Additionally, he claims that a positive decision will DOUBLE SIGA's profit. This is misleading, and it will not. Besides, until management starts booking ANY revenue to the P&L, which is a good two years away, this is irrelavant. And, then there's those teeny tiny problems regarding the other 12M shares and FDA stuff.

        I honestly want this stock to move up, really I do....although I have about 30% less shares than I did at my peak, a significant move up would greatly affect my personal wealth. However, I also believe it is important to look at the WHOLE picture with a clear lens. Hardly anyone on this board is capable of doing that. I would caution anyone that lends a strong ear to kage, nicehedges, this new "camel" guy that used to be mocastine (who left the board out of embarrassment), and boomeriz. NONE of these posters have a clue and have been 100% wrong in EVER SINGLE ONE of their predictions, with the excpetion of boomeriz stating there would be a new rfp.

      • Are you guaranteeing that? I think you also said it would get thrown out 3 years ago. You are 0 fer.....

    • There you go. Don't hate the players hate the game. Everybody look what's going down....

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