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  • siana1917 siana1917 Apr 12, 2013 10:08 AM Flag


    The hardest thing about waiting longer for a ruling will be having to read drodball's dreary posts. I am super long on PIP with a sizable hedge with SIga. The best scenario for me is that both these stocks go up but Drodball's negativity is getting boring.

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    • "Super long on PIP"....

      Lets say the decision goes PIP's way. I'm not saying it will - I don't think it will - but let's say it does.

      How do you expect to exit your position when just about everyone else holding PIP shares is trying to do he same, with at pressure dragging the price ever downward.... just as happened in the wake of the Parsons decision (which I also warned about)?

      Do you own a multimillion dollar computer platform jacked directly into the stock exchange? If not, how do you hope to get out the door ahead of shareholders who do?

      Or do you feel like PIP is more of a long term hold, and their pipeline might surprise us all by reigniting, and you alone will hold on, waiting for (and profiting from) it?

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