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  • evenu2canexcel evenu2canexcel Apr 19, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Attention DRODFREAK!

    If you are not an AMLN or of that group, you are indeed in need of help cuz you are as looney as a gooneybird!

    Two years of posting the same looney comments, management attacks, and ignoring all the external forces
    affecting the company and its management trump all possibilities that you are sane.

    Take the advice of several here & disappear up your anal aperture with a loud poof.

    But do have a great weekend dwelling on the above.


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    • I'm looney?!? And, coming from you, I don't think that holds much water....considering you're the craziest person on this board with your constant conspiracy theories! Yes or insisted the case would be thrown out because you paid an attorney $600/hour? Yes or no? You have been wrong EVER step of the way and have NEVER EVER been correct....yet that doesn't stop you. In addition, you constanlty babble and ramble about some MM conspiracy theory. Here's a thought for you: If our management created some actual buzz for the company which, in turn, would create ACTUAL BUYING demand, there would be NOTHING the MM could do about it. Why can't you understand that concept? Do you REALLY think Rose et al have done a good job? They've taken the stock from the teens to the LOW 3's. If you think that's worth bragging about, you need your head checked, and pronto.

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