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  • zdilts zdilts Apr 30, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    Some things never change.

    Bought some shares and this #$%$ takes it down immediately.
    May 6th is the day....Right ?

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    • Everything going as planned. Unfortunately, you are not a part of the plan.

    • you should know better. say, how many shares has Rose purchased?

    • Z, if you mean 90 days from the newly-annointed "start date," when the Chief Justice finally was introduced to the case, then, no, it's June 3rd, not May 6th. That doesn't of course mean they won't decide earlier... probably they will. But they more or less promise to do it within 90 days, not 60.

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      • Although it really doesn’t make sense that the clock should start from absolute zero once the good judge is back from his absence. There is no reason why the existing judges couldn’t have been asking for supporting information/documentation from the parties, or had paralegals research the appropriate precedent cases, or ask for corroborative information from external sources --so the thing can be laid out on a table and decided in a day or two. I mean, they don’t ponder and scratch their chins until all hours for the night on these things for months--- it’s the dialogue with parties and research that delays them. Say an order for a custom sofa takes 6 weeks, and the upholsterer is out sick. Well, it would be pretty silly if they waited for him to return before ordering the fabric. You’d expect that everything would be in place so when he returned, he could put it together in a day or two. Wouldn’t’ you?

        Oh, I forgot, these guys are in the legal system. Never mind.

    • According to Kageglantz, the decision was to come down on or before April 10th, according to his detailed analysis of prior decisions of DE Supreme Court cases.

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      • Kageputz is a dufus....Pumper par excellance! !Like the rest of the bagged old time longs who refuse to admit they've been had. Next Zidlips will post he sold AAPL short at $700 after bragging earlier he was long! Mo said he had sold and now is apparently long. Minnie sells and pretends she was still long for months on end. Boomer pounds the table for years and then is gone in a day, never to return again.

        Only ones you could trust were Drod...Amln...and Playthrough.... The rest were sharks swimming in a tank.

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