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  • spectrollmicro spectrollmicro Apr 30, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    who is selling down here?


    This makes no sense that people are willing to sell anywhere near this low a price. Well I guess we will see if they are smart or dumb soon. I am finding it difficult to understand why there is no more institutional interest than there is. I guess having the ability to run a fund doesn't make you a wise investor. It only gives you the resources to buy into stocks, nothing to do with knowledge and understanding. Fidelity use to be heavy in this, not now. I guess they are pretty risk averse. They probably got burnt by investing in Apple before it imploded and lost 1/3 of its value. Many billions lost there by supposedly smart fund managers.

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    • Maybe it’s executor selling to clear out estates from those who have passed always since investing…

    • You really want to blame AAPL for the fact that Fidelity doesn't want to touch this stock anymore?!?! REALLY? How about blaming the management team?? You call losing two protests, a law suit, filing all of your pipeline on the back burner, never meeting any deadline, and simply doing NOTHING call that something that would give a big fund manager confidence to invest in your company? These people have no emotional interest like you do. So they see the clear picture. SIGA had them eating out of their palm, but Rose's arrogance and ignorance blew it. Why is that so difficult for some of you people to comprehend? Holy cow, the writing is on the wall and you refuse to read it!

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