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  • evenu2canexcel evenu2canexcel May 4, 2013 6:52 AM Flag

    O.T. Is It Time To Short The Company That Monkeys Fear & Dread?

    Not yet.

    But the day that a message board is established on YHOO for them or just before their next CC,
    whichever comes first, probably could be the time to be a short nibbler,NWJ?

    No products, no revenue, no gains, exposure to the "grants game", political/lobbyist influence against competitors( using grants monies?), what's to like,NWJ?


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    • Good luck!

      April 29, 2013, 8:00 a.m. ET Chimerix Presents at Annual EBMT Meeting:

      ...Preliminary clinical and viral outcomes data from 57 patients infected with AdV who were treated with CMX001 in an open label, expanded access study. Patients received oral CMX001 twice weekly. The median duration of CMX001 treatment was 12 doses over seven weeks, with the longest duration of treatment of 43 weeks. The level of AdV in the patient's blood was measured at the beginning of therapy, regularly during the treatment period, and at one and four weeks post-treatment. Thirty-four of the 57 patients (79%) had at least a 90% decrease in the amount of virus in the blood at the end of treatment. Patients who had a 90% decrease in AdV blood levels had overall better outcomes, with 9% AdV-associated deaths, compared to a 27% mortality rate for patients who had less than a 90% decrease in viral levels. Patients who began CMX001 therapy earlier in the AdV infection, as soon as virus was detected in the blood and before symptoms were present, had a lower mortality rate of less than 7%, while patients who were treated after virus was detected in the blood and symptoms had developed had a mortality rate of 37% during the one-month follow-up period. Untreated AdV infections in the respiratory tract can have a mortality rate of 80% in children who have received a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. There are currently no approved therapies for AdV infection. CMX001 is in a Phase 2 study as an early treatment for AdV infection in young adults and children who have received a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

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      • Chimerpricks does have a valid product. They say it is effctive on herpres virus, even though it is not a life threatening disease the market is enormous. I still think they are ethically challenged because of the protest against the Siga contract, safety of US citizens and monkeys should come first. Speaking of ethically challenged I saw that #$%$ Issa on tv this morning, what dillldo. Looking at the key statistics for Siga and Cmrx, they both have about the same amount of cash on hand with Siga edging out Cmrx by a couple of million at 32m as compared to 29.7m. Cmrx has about 3 time the debt of Siga at 14.62m compared to Siga at 5m. So the question for Amln is, is CMX001 a great drug well tolerated, safe and effective against smallpox. Is it better than ST- 246? Secondarily, is CMX001 going to be able to cure herpes and other virus's? Is there a competing drug for CMX001 for treating AdV infections?

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    • Just wait until I unleash the flying monkeys! We'll see about that short position my pretty!!!!!

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