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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 May 6, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    CMRX Rated Outperform or Buys at Cowen-MS-and Lizard

    What's their rating on this POS? Oh...that's right...None of them bother to rate this stock nor advise anyone to buy it... Sorry...Wrong Board! LOL!

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    • LMAO cuz I ain't no fearful monkey,NWJ
      They have nothing & will have nothing after milking the taxpayer of grants monies for going on 13 years,NWJ?
      The next CC or as soon as YHOO establishes their message board to become a short nibbler,NWJ?
      Hopefully, KRAM-MA or the POOP pumper will pump the would be "herpes killer" before then,NWJ?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Remember..............both acted as lead managers on its IPO. So hardly shocking. CMRX has a market cap double siga's and pip's. So basically, it is just your typical overhyped IPO. Imagine where they'd be if their monkey hadn't died?

      All jokes aside. We all know pip and siga will be at very different valuations in one month. We just don't know which will be higher? Or lower?

      For now, I'm more concerned that the 500,000 units get delivered smoothly, that they make SOME progress with FDA, that another country tries to place an order, and that the court case isn't the same debacle it originally was. The last one is out of their hands, but it surely will have an impact.

      Don't worry about day to day prices. Next month, we will have moved. Either above $5 or below $3 again.

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      • Just really shocking to see all of this for those who have held this stock for many years. We didn't even know the name Chimerix three plus years ago. They went out and destroyed our Barda 2.8 billion dollar contract alleging initially an unfair bidding process, then later conflicts of interest. Siga management refused to respond to the allegations saying they wanted to take the high road in the dispute and it would all work out.. It did. For Chimerix. The Barda automatic options in the contract were taken away. Base contract of 480 million left. A second source supplier included if there ever is a new contract to anyone. Chimerix went out and rebuilt itself and it's pipeline products. Siga just sat with theirs hoping the PIP suit would go away. It didn't. Siga lost. No new porducts. Here you are today my friend. Chimerix at 500 million plus and this name at 100 mil.

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