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  • amlnlover100 amlnlover100 May 7, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    OK, I was wrong

    I'm not to big to admit it. CC and now a pop. Who knew?

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    • owenscpa May 7, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

      No one expects anything other than stone walling from management towards all non M &F shareholders. M&F knows what's going on, the conference call and quarterly statements will put the worst face on possible until M & F has covered their net neutral position and either go long or pump the stock to dispose of their holdings. When looking at short interest, my guess is that M & F associated entities have been short 80 - 90% of their long position.

      M&F gets to control management without much financial capital net long. Good deal if you can do it. Rose doesn't report to the broad base of shareholders, hence the stone walling at each and every conference call. Not only that, but the restatement for warrants is a bust. They know it and while IMO it's no big deal, the arrogance with which they deal with their error is telling.

      So my advice, ignore what they say, look at what M & F does. They just granted themselves 250,000 shares at $3.29. That would indicate that they believe the stock likely goes north from $3.29. Otherwise they would have waited to give themselves the shares (or warrants thereupon).

    • " Who knew?'

      Anyone who looks at the market caps of THE CURE & TheCompany guilty of MONKEYCIDE
      and the success of THE CURE & the FAILURES over 13 years of the company monkeys dread,NWJ?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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