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  • bernarrdo bernarrdo May 10, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Foolish-Stupid or ignorant

    All you guys on the board keep bashing Riose an the cc calls,. All of you are eaither stupid,ignorant amd just pla\in foolish.I say this because what's seperates the men from the boys is faith and a belief in your conviction. All of you who know the company know what we we have, No need to go into detail. It's just a qyuestion of keeping the faith. I truly believe that this sock in 2 to 3 years will be wortth at least $25 per share. NOTHING has really changed except for obtacles and delays. BUT, we tyill have a proven product with a robust pipelne. NOTHING HAS CHANGED rxcept for obstalces. So, I say this because the people that keep the faith in what they believe in,will become huge winners. Bernarrdo

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    • Wow. And there you have it....a guy calling people stupid and ignorant and boys, yet he can't even spell or form a coherent line of thought. Kudos to you sir!!

      Just a quick note.....FYI, there were people making the "I believe this will be worth $20+ in 2-3 years" posts about 3 years ago!!!!!! How many times do we push our time frame back? AGAIN, the stock is at the SAME PRICE it was FIVE (5!) years ago. That's not a problem??!?! Guess not, I just need faith and conviction...I didn't know I was attending church....all this time I thought I was investing in stocks for my future. That's has been my problem, I'm healed!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

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      • Drod. Yes I can spell. I was just in a hurry. In any event your thinking is foolish In my opinion..Sorry,I didn't mean to insult anyone.YES IT IS A GOOD 3 YEARS AND WE ARE BACK WHERE WE WERE stock wise only.. but. THE POINT IS THAT st 246 IS ALIVE ,WELL AND WE NOW HAVE ORDERS.Plus our amazing pipeline. OUTSIDE OF POLOTICS AND POLITICAL SETBACKS,WHICH YOU ARE AWARE OF.Nothing is changed for the worse. Only for the better. Mark my words. In 2-3 years we will all see $25 at least.Bernarrdo

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