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  • pensivepop pensivepop May 13, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    Both Companies deserve a good 'spanking."

    I had heard that some time ago these two companies had serious merger talks and ever since it has been nothing but constant bickering. Just stop and realize what these two companies could do working under one roof. Yes, I am from the PIP board but that is not important to our mutual success. The new company would be the leader in providing the solutions to chemical warfare plus so many other ingredients. I say,let the dust settle after the court verdict is handed down and then have management from both sides grow up a little and work towards a mutual understanding on a newly formed company. All of us shareholders would benefit handsomely

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    • Spanking?

      How about some kicks in the balls instead?

    • This is a funny post because you almost come of sounding nervous about the appeal and the pending outcome, like you're begging for some sort of merger or way of working together in the future. It really sounds like desperation....but the part I find even funnier is that you're posting it on the pathetic MB where no one really knows a darn thing, nor can they do anything to "help" some sort of merger to happen. You might as well speak it to your silverware at home.

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      • I had read some of your posts previous to my posting and couldn't help but notice how you speak down to everybody so I was hoping your smart alec tactics would bypass my post. Of course I realized that posting on this MB would not result in a call to action, it very seldom does but it was my intention to air a topic that might be food for conversation. Try and come down off of your throne and act like a normal person although I speculate that you believe yourself to be the 'king of the roost" on this board due to your never-ending posts. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, too bad the tongue can't be a part of it.

    • Uh, Pensive, the lawsuit emerged precisely because Pip backed out of merger talks, and then wanted to have their cake and eat it too, in the form of the rough LATS. Merger now would make zero-to-no sense. And no, a joint company wouldn't "provide solutions to chemical warfare," since neither company is working on chemical warfare. Can't wait for PIP to go completely bust.

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