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  • csmclemore csmclemore Jun 1, 2013 7:24 AM Flag

    Likely Timeframe for a Response to the Reversal From Parsons

    History puts Chancery responses taking roughly between 6 months and a year on Chancery cases remanded by the SC. Based on Parsons having been sent back to square one on damages by the SC, I'd estimate we are looking at the next ruling to come out probably somewhere on the longer side of that between March and May of 2014. I hope Pharmathene wasn't counting on getting paid anytime soon because we are all back to waiting.

    Hey, speaking of, Pharmathene should be about due to dilute again any day now; That's the only thing related to PIP and SIGA that does happen like clockwork!

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    • Thus far SIGA has prevailed under theory justice delayed is justice denied. What makes you think Parsons would need an entire year after spending years hearing arguments, establishing facts of the case, and rejecting SIGA's attempts to claim the deal wasn't a deal?

    • It's been nice catching up with all the serious longtime posters. It is a huge relief for me personally to know that Parsons is reversed and boxed in and I have a pretty good idea of the new timeframe. My work here is done, I'll talk to you all again in roughly a year barring any unexpected surprises. I'm out!

      P.S. Drod, you can have the board back now.

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