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  • bernarrdo bernarrdo Jun 7, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Keeping your eye on the ball

    I have owned the stock for at least 6 years. I have exoerienced all the trauma,drama,politics and manipulation just like most of you. Even with all the above and all the setbacks including the lack of better management and good P.R,my faith in the company's future remains steadfast. The reason is very simple. NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED EXCEPT FOR THE BETTER!. Think about it. We now will have a revenue stream from Barda. We will soon receive FDA approval. We have a huge pipeline and we can expect a flood of orders from oversees once we receieve FDA approval.Just imagine what our share price will be once we show good earnings very shortly. Also,we really receieved a good decision from the S.C.We don't have to share revenues. Whatever the decision,it's still better than what was previously ordained.
    So I say to all you longs. Keep the faith1 In a few short years I expect the stock to be more than $25. I also expect the stock to be more than $10 by next year this time.I know I am right. Bernarrdo

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    • You have owned this stock for probably less time than I've been in. Now check what for you would have had on almost any other stock and low to yourself that it was a good investment.

    • Bernardo...I can say this now because I am long and have some "skin in the game" but lie big time, so knock it off.

      "We will soon received FDA approval"...Lie. Have not filed an NDA yet, nor do we even have an approved FDA trial protocol for ST-246 to date. FDA approval is at least two years a way, possibly a lot longer IMHO.

      "We have a "huge" pipeline. Lie. Please specify this huge pipeline and the stages of approval it is currently in.
      The closest probably five years or more away, if ever.

      We can "expect a flood of orders from oversees (sic) once we receieve (sic) FDA approval." Lie.
      Please tell us the countries or companies who have indicated a purchase of ST-246 upon FDA approval.

      Our share price should be great "once we show earnings very shortly" Lie. We will not show any earnings for possibly years on end as we're deferring revenues, so no profits will be recognized. Read the 10k.

      So you know how the decision is going to come out as well and it will be better no matter what than
      previously "ordained"? You willing to be your life on that statement?

      Bernardo...As they say in the country where my forefathers came from more than 120 years ago...

      "You are fulla sheeta....".

    • Do you actually believe most of the posters (and readers) expect to be here in a few short years? Here's one big reason they will not. Go to the SIGA website, read managements response to the last court decision then read all of the risk factors. Based on the stock price it is safe to say all the mitigating risk factors have effectively nullified the BARDA contract and its potential. Both the touts and shorts know this.


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