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  • one2manysecrets one2manysecrets Jun 11, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    I declare Drod4ball the winner. SIGA is history

    Congrats on your short, you may never need to cover..

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    • I'm not short, I'm just not ignorant and stupid. Just calling a spade a spade. Maybe if more of you morons understood what has actually transpired, you'd stop voting for Rose as CEO. They need a shake up, period. Why should he get to keep his job, get his pay, and more and more shares, all the while the rest of us have lost thousands of dollars and have stacked up unimaginable opportunity cost holding on to this? Did you really think a partial reversal from the SC, basically just telling that idiot Parsons to try again, was going to change the sentiment of the market on this company? They can't do ANYTHING right. And when there is problem after problem and delay after delay and issue after issue....who do YOU blame? I'm curious, seriously. Who do you think, internally, we should hold accountible for all of the fiascos and the fact that this stock is LOWER now than it's IPO price? That doens't bother you? At all?? I just find that so strange. Maybe you are an employee of the company, trying to defend it, but I just can't see how anyone in their logical sound mind would be okay with the way things have gone. Rose et al have created absolutely NO value for shareholders, and that's their primary job, their fiduciary responsibility. If you were on a boat and the boat capsized or hit a rock and sunk, who would you blame? The rock for being in the way? The wind? I'm pretty sure you'd hold the captain responsible, no?

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