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  • drod4ball drod4ball Jun 21, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    Another GREAT day!!!

    Most of the market and stocks come back, some into the green, and this POS finishes at the low.
    Give em some more free shares, but you better hurry because this sucker just keeps dropping.
    It's okay, we have a *ahem* pipeline, or so they say, AND....AND we have a $2.8B contract
    according to MO....well, actually it's more like $400M, of which we currently have to split, and
    we won't book revenues on sales for another 2 years or so. Good call Rose!!!

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    • Hey Drod, is looks like you have reinvented yourself as BBB. How about a thumbs up if you remember old BBBob

      • 1 Reply to tweendalines
      • Tell you what tween, I wish I would have LISTENED to his ramblings back then and dismissed MO's nonsense instead! I'd be a much richer guy. Sad thing is that a dummy like him got it and saw the reality before I did. Look, say whatever you want, but now SIX judges have agreed that SIGA management did not negotiate in good faith....roughly translated, they're really not guys with values and morals. I don't think they're into this thing for the shareholders and I certainly don't think they're completely innocent of all that "has happened to them". There's an old saying...If enough people tell you that you're a horse, you should probably at least turn around to see if you have a tail.

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