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  • drod4ball drod4ball Jun 24, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    If $3.50 was a bargain...

    SURELY $2.80 is no? Where are your BUYS Eric Rose, CEO?!? You can't scrounge up a mere $15K out of your own pocket to show support for a company in which YOU are responsible?!?! Just absurd.

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    • Well I think your point is well made, and I for one will be buying more once it seems the bottom is forming. I keep waiting for the red to stop, or at least the percentage drop to start decreasing. Right now it's pretty steady as a couple hundred thousand shares seem to exit each day and we drift lower. Of course someone is snapping up those shares and eventually we'll start to head back up, which the historical chart seems to back up IMO.

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      • My point? Bottom is FORMING?? The bottom fell out...and Rose couldn't care less. Ask yourself and others on this board WHY it is that Rose has not bought a SINGLE share since he sold LAST May, over a year ago? Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy about your CEO, that he has confidence in this company, their direction, their vision, and where he sees things in 6 months? I mean, the stock is BELOW the IPO price, probably by around HALF, and he isn't buying?? Then my question to YOU is, WHY THE F WOULD YOU?! That's just suicide.

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