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  • easttennesseehillbilly easttennesseehillbilly Jun 25, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    Very Shortly Now

    SIGA will have the surplus cash to buy back SIGA shares and take them out of the market. The fun and games will be over then.


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    • ET....I know you and I have had some disagreements in the past but your notion that Siga (a) has, or will have "surplus" cash, and (b) will use it to buy back stock, is so out of touch it's unbelieveable.

      Any payments under BARDA will go towards producing and delivering more product, general overhead, future funding of BARDA reqiired trials; R&D; and whatever cash requirements the company has, or will likely have in the relative near future. Do you really think Siga will put itself in the position to have no cash on hand while the issue of damages in the PIP litigation is being re-determined by the lower Court? Do you think that would be prudent on the part of Management and the BOD's?? Do you think a massive stock buyback program of Siga common using BARDA proceeds from the sale of ST-246 would look good to Parsons
      while he is determing any damage award?? Ghee wiz...........

    • "SIGA will have the surplus cash to buy back SIGA shares and take them out of the market. The fun and games will be over then."

      They could have done that before this.
      It is not in the cards/plans.
      Also, it would shine a light on the RP/BARDA contract & Issa/the company monkeys dread et al would jump all over it.
      I see it being converted into a philanthropy by RP in honor of his parents after the market cap hits $2-3B & the company receives many awards for its productS that serve the Nation & humanity and after the other major holders,FMR,Vanguard et al, can show huge profits to their holders.
      Don't forget, RP does not need money, he needs great respect/honor and the recognition that he is not a "shark",NWJ?
      That at least is what his new shrink wife is advising him, I hope,NWJ?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The only way this happens is if the low life execs front run it. So again my point with this company is to buy when insiders start to buy if ever or RP covers his short.

    • EastTN, are you saying you believe they will buy back shares when they invoice BARDA? That would be welcome news. Obviously just speculation on your point unless you work at SIGA, but I hope your guess is right.

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