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  • siana1917 siana1917 Jun 30, 2013 11:41 AM Flag


    This Siga "long" Drod is a complicated character. He claims all Siga investors are stupid but didn't sell when it was in the teens .We don't know his entry point but the way he cries about his losses it sounds like it was at least above 10 or 11. He brags about selling at $3.87 a share when the stock is at 3.50 then brags about selling more at 2.90 when the stock is at 2.84. He keeps quiet when the stock has its runs but shows up when the stock is down. Drod calls us all morons and stupid for investing in the stock for a fraction of his entry point. Brags about buying aapl one of the most widely held stocks as if he discovered the company.
    I wish Drod luck and agree that a new Barda contract, PiP getting nothing will take the stock up. Duh what a genius.

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    • Every stock board has one.They are tiresome and adds nothing so put them on iggy because they get paid for those who respond to the constant bashing.Some of the stock boards have so many that more than 50% of the post are on

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      • You really is silly and ridiculous if you think I care about you putting me on ignore. Who you should really put on ignore are those that have damaged you financially, not emotionally like me. How about nicehedges, boomeriz,kageglanz, or whoever else keeps you stringing along with this stock. I've got news for you, there are NO FRIENDS may THINK so, but no one here gives a #$%$ about you or your money. They'd take it from you in an instant if they could. Mob mentality is dangerous, it gives a false sense of security and alignment. Meanwhile, people like me are trying to give you the cold, hard truth....but you don't want to listen. It isn't what you want to hear. But, like the others, I'm not your friend and I really don't care. I've made the right moves, you haven't. Don't be angry at me for it. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why it makes you so mad towards me.

    • A little bitter eh? Right, I lied about my sell prices and everything, all in a strategic effort to impress you and other random people on an anonymous message board! Get a life douche...

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