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  • one2manysecrets one2manysecrets Jul 18, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    Hang in there Drod

    You'll get your chance to sell for a profit soon. It might be 2-3 months but if you've waited this long....
    Victory is at hand.

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    • I think he wants out of siga to get into siri which is kinda weird because he used to rant and rave on this board years ago that siri would never ever get above one dollar and now he needs to get in before it breaks four dollars. Nice looking chart on siri ! .... right Drod ?

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      • Wow! I love the memory...seriously, even I forgot about that. It also is great news to know that some people are actually listening and paying attention to what I say...although the sad thing is they only come back to rib me when I appear wrong. Right, I am shocked that SIRI is above $1, but I also didn't expect that they would earn as much as they have, a whopping 49 cents per share. But you have to admit, SIRI didn't make a huge run as you thought it would. Either way, AAPL is going, gonna run to 600 or so. That's the kind of return you want, and then you can turn around and buy 3X as much SIGA as you had, only to watch it go no where.

    • You're not sounding as confident, short term, as you did before....what happened? A slice of reality can really do a number on you, eh? Do you not understand that it will be MUCH LONGER than 2-3 months?!?

      When are they planning on booking revenues as sales again??

      Waited long? I've been in this stupid stock for like 10 years now. Is that long enough? Just tired of hearing the constant biased and illogical positive spin some people here bring. It's total crud and unfounded optimistic conclusions. NO ONE SHOULD INVEST IN THIS STOCK RIGHT NOW. Why? A better question is WHY WOULD THEY? What's their return going to be over the next 6-12 months? They can get a better return elsewhere. MO is popping a woodie because we went from 2.85 and briefly touched 3.70, yet he was calling for a 1-2 point gain! Know what else? This stock WILL trickle back down below $3 again. Count on it. NOTHING is going on to keep it up.

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