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  • tweendalines tweendalines Jul 27, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    OT for AMLN

    Take a look at INO and tell me what you think. I am up over 140% and should sell but I really like it and would like to know your opinion of their products. I don't know whether to sell or buy more. Regardless of the problems with Siga, you have been pretty adept at analyzing competitors products. Thanks

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    • 1. Patents on to a devices for electroporating and antigens to tissues
      2. Patents on to a devices for electroporating and DNA expression vectors to tissues
      3. Half a dozen successful Phase 1 trials
      4. General excitement regarding DNA vaccines
      5. Active claims of universal flu and HIV antigens
      6. Good company PR
      7. Good papers like: Expert Rev Vaccines. 2013 Mar;12(3):271-83. doi: 10.1586/erv.13.23.
      Morrow MP, Yan J, Sardesai NY, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,

      I’d say it has a good chance of continuing up for the near future. However, the chances they are really going to deliver on a universal Flu and HIV vaccine are about “0”. So, start taking profits when you are satisfied. No, scratch that (no one is ever satisfied). Start taking profits at 3x PPS from here. Get out within one to two years or 10x (when it either all comes crashing down or goes to the moon). But, you want the early multiples on Company spun data, not the risk for the final shot to the moon. Take your 3 to 10-fer and be happy. I never did.

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      • Stolen from the INO board:
        1 HPV...Lead Candidate...Phase 3 likely to begin in 2014
        2 Leukemia...partnered with U' of Southampton (UK) Phase 2
        3 Influenza Phase 2
        4 H7N9 100% EffectiveVaccine Pre-Clinical
        5 Ebola 100% Effective Vaccine Pre-Cliniical
        6 P.A.D. testing Regrows Blood Vessels
        7 HIV Vaccine 89% Successful CD-4 and CD-8 Robust and Durable T-Cell Count
        8 HepB 100% Successful Vaccine Pre-clinical
        9 HepC...Same
        10 Cytomeglovirus..Same
        11 Smallpox 100% Successful Vaccine in Apes
        12 Malaria Human testing Phase 1/2a to begin early 2014
        13's News 18 fold Better Response than Nearest competitor...Lung...Breast
        14 HIV Therapuetic...awaiting publishing in 'peer reviewed Journal'

        Smallpox? Oh no here come CPP, Chimerix, Pip and Parsons!

      • Thanks for your honest opinion. I don't like those chances on the universal flu vaccine. How about a non-universal flu vaccine? Anything about a malaria vaccine that does not require cold storage?

    • I'm interested too. I also own INO from $.72

      Sentiment: Buy

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