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  • drod4ball drod4ball Aug 27, 2013 2:09 PM Flag

    BIG Down day for SIGA, as expected

    This stock just can't ever hold. Market goes down, SIGA goes down big. Market goes up, SIGA is either up marginally or down. Now, this is mostly about the Syria nonsense, and SIGA still goes down! OH the insanity!!

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    • Still holding AAPL? Looks like its run may be over. You always hear when Icahn buys in but never when he sells.

    • AN idiot.......

    • How smart was I to sell this POS at $3.67...? LOL!

      So now we're going to save the people of Syria from a Dictator and give Government control to the rebels, who are Al Quida, so they can establish a religious state like Iran, and develop MWD's to destroy the US, or our allies, while our good friends and allies stand by and watch the whole thing happen, again, just like they always do. Perfect. Send some scud missles over there that will miss and kill 150 children in some local school, and here we go again...Iraq....Libya....Viet Nam....Afghanistan....Iran....Egypt.... The world hates us, and we wonder why?... We either back the wrong people, or put our noses in other countries politics, 100% of the time. Those who never learn from history are bound to repeat it.

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      • Why would I get a thumbs down from 3 posters when I posted I sold at $3.63 (when I did it as well) and it's now $3.36, or a savings of almost 7.5%? That's pretty darn good I think in a couple of weeks. I thought you guys would be happy for me, but...oh no! I'll buy back around $3.15.

      • I dunno.... I'm still believin' in the change....

      • LOL....I'll bet you whoever game me a thumbs down on that post was some draft dodging #$%$ idiot who never served a day in his life. I served in the US Navy during the Viet Nam conflic,t which was a waste of 53,000 young American lives, and we came home and were spit upon... Now if you're a cook in a US based
        National Guard unit you're hailed as an American "hero"...What BS is that. Let's reinstitute the draft and see
        how many "American heroes" there are...

      • Yep. Not only that, but many of these countries we give BILLIONS of dollars to each year, and then turn around and stab us in the back or show us no support. My take would be: F everyone else, let's ONLY worry about the US, your problems are your problems and we'll deal with ours if we have one. But, it is VERY difficult to see the pictures of those children killed by the supposed nerve gas. One thing is for certain, we don't know EXACTLY who released the nerve gas.

        You were very smart to sell. Most other stocks are down 1-2% and this POS is down 5%...and on the fear of the Syria thing escalating, to make matters worse! You'd think that would RAISE the price of SIGA. No one listens, this stock is going NO WHERE until there are some major changes.

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