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  • larryfitz30 larryfitz30 Sep 2, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    When the USA bombs Syria....

    ....Syria will bomb Israel and there will be a mention of weaponized smallpox in Syria's arsenal. When this happens, SIGA spikes big.

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    • You friggin moron Larry Putz. You've made some stupid posts in the past but this one takes the cake. I mean after repeating the fifth grade twice too!

      Syria will bomb Israel? With what Larry Putz? Their entire air force would be knocked out of the air and on the ground before it went ten feet. Syrian missiles with ranges of 65 miles? Wow...Time to duck and cover back in West Virginia huh Larr? "Weaponized smallpox" so the army can kill their own wives and families as well as themselves? You one smart tactician Larr...Glad you're on our side. Moron.

    • Let's hope no one bombs anyone. They figure a way to have assad abdicate and move to Russia or something and a peaceful solution is found to the mess we have in this part of the world. I don't want to see burnt and poisoned children for me to profit. I hope we stockpile Siga's anti bioterror solutions to SAVE lives.
      Hey Drod I nervously shorted 50 shares of netflix.(288.23) Would like to cover latest en of week.

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      • Siana...Careful what you wish for as history has taught some pretty tough lessons about supporting rebel groups.

        Iran...The rebels threw out the Shah there in the 1970's and you got an extremist Islamic cleric, Kohmemni, to rule the country and impose traditional Muslim law. Now they're thought to be developing atomic weapons and have vowed to destroy Israel, who we have a treaty with to defend. Freedom virtually non existent there, and those in power hate the US and Israel. A virtual powder keg.

        Iraq...Threw out and killed the dictator and it resulted in a decade of war and 4,765 dead American and 20x's that wounded or dismembered. Who's in power now? Anyone's guess isn't it. Before we went in we backed Iraq in their war with Iran. Count on a civil war there in the next 5 years.

        Afghanistan.....Backed the rebels there in their war against Russia, then the rebels, Al Quida, used those weapons to kill Americans for a decade. Again want to have traditional Muslim rule and to eliminate all Christians. Corrupt current Government there that will likely to fall the minute we leave.

        Syria....The rebels are made up of Al Quida (26%) who again want traditional Muslim rule and the elimination of all Christians and other religions. Majority of rebels are thought to be moderate
        Muslims (the Muslim Brotherhood ala Egypt...that worked out well), but who the heck knows what that means, and Saudis freedom fighters...The same group that was responsible for 9/11. Basically Al Quida.

        Egypt...A work in progress but not looking very stable at the moment as it was pre revolution.
        Not saying the dictator was good but it at least kept the Suez Canal open.......

      • Siana....BEST thing I've ever read from you...about the peaceful solution and not wanting to profit on dead children. Maybe there is hope for you!

        Nice timing on your short, they say it might go to 300, but this nonsense has to end soon!

    • We're about to go to war with a country thought to have smallpox, and is threatening to make us pay if we do. If EVER there was a time for SIGA to respond, it's now.

      But, as it is...

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      • Now even you're starting to sound dramatic. What exactly do you suppose SIGA should say because of Syria? I mean, these guys barely put any effort into answering questions on the calls. Also, even IF there is a smallpox attack....what will that do to the SP? I mean, think about it...they've already stated they can ONLY produce and deliver X number of units per quarter. The business plan is horrid.

    • You really are a douchebag.

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