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  • kageglantz kageglantz Sep 4, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

    Part II: Jill Bellamy Dekker warns of Syrian bioterror

    The rest of her article, published on August 28th:

    "Assad's use of chemical weapons should serve as a wake-up call on his ability to use highly portable and devastating biological warfare agents. National security echelons in Washington should view this as an important message.

    Given Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks this past weekend, Israel knows that use of both chemical and biological weapons by the Assad regime represents a clear and present danger. If Assad is capable of using chemical weapons near Damascus, he is equally as capable of launching biological weapons, which pose a global pandemic threat. After increasing evidence of a mass-casualty chemical weapons attack in Syria, the international community no longer has the luxury of standing by and see what is next on Assad's weapons-of-mass-destruction agenda."

    Dr. Jill Bellamy van Aalst is an international expert and former consultant to NATO on biological warfare and threat reduction.

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    • Great Find on Dekker, Kage.

      I had been wondering what she was up to. I guess she needed some time out of the spotlight to marry and become van Aalst. I am still curious about Israel. They were hot and heavy on ST-246 with events like Orange Flame 4. Definitely kind of odd to hear them go totally silent with the Parsons-silenced Siga. Did Siga assure them in some way, through covert stockpiling or have arrangement for warm-production capacity? Maybe that got a part of the API that wasn't able to be included with BARDA order?

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