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  • silverold silverold Oct 16, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

    "A Bunch Of White-Haired Old Fools!"-OT

    A good number of these "old fools" have been in office for 25 or 30 years. All they have done is to continue to screw-up the country. How can they continue to keep spending money they don't have? They "borrow money" and then "give it away." And what about the dilution of the currency? As stock market investors, we all "go nuts" when we see "mass dilution" in a company's stock. Look what these "old fools" are doing regarding the printing of money. And of course, we don't have a clue regarding the money supply because they stopped reporting years ago. It makes me crazy. These guys need to retire and go play bingo somewhere. What a bunch of "screw-ups!"

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    • The "old fools" haven't solved anything. They just "kicked the can" down the road. Now the "jerk-offs "will probably take another 5 week vacation.


    • Silver....What you say is all true, but the problem is who is going to give up what?

      Medicare.....Those with big incomes and net worth should pay more of their share in medical bills than those who don't. But no one wants to even consider a means based test for Medicare reimbursement. Everyone wants free medical care. Just can't happen with the demographics of the current and future population.
      Something has to give. Someone has to raise their hands and say I'll pay more cause I can afford to.

      Social Security...Was designed and implemented in 1932 as a "safety net" for those who lost their jobs and their pensions in the Great Depression. Now people view it as kind of a forced Government retirement annuity.
      It should not be. Yes...we all pay into it from the crib to the grave but if you make a million dollars a year do you really need an additional $1850 more per month when some who worked just as hard, or even harder, could use part of that just to survive? Again...should be means tested for benefits.

      Welfare....Unless disability is an issue, should be for a defined period of time and only extended once you can prove you have a full or part time job from a verifiable employer. After two dependents (children) benefits decrease with more claimed dependents...not increased. Reward for those with fewer children, not having more when you cannot afford them.

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      • "We all pay into it from the crib to the grave."


        That is one of the problems with "Social Security." Not everyone pays into it. Federal employees, County employees, etc. They have their own retirement plans. I used to listen to an old investment guru named "Richard Ney." (Actor turned financial wizard.) His favorite topic to talk about on his TV segment was Social Security. He always said, before the government reforms it, they need to pay back with interest, all the money they "took out of Social Security." I believe, if they want to save it, they need to have everybody in the Country "on it." (From the President on down.) Also, stop paying people who have never paid in, and stop the fraud. in disability claims. That would be a nice place to start.

        One of the other things that drives me nuts is the immigration policy. How many of these immigrants have anything to offer our country? How many immigrants come to the United States looking for "a free one?" ("Unforgiven," Clint Eastwood movie 1992.) With our tax dollars, we support many "down and out" Americans. I don't want to have to support immigrants too. If they come to this Country, that's fine, but let them support themselves, and let them come with something to offer the United States..


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