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  • briedwards123 briedwards123 Oct 24, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    When Amln disappears from the message board...

    SIGA stock price usually goes up.


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    • I think some Siga shareholders on this board shorted nflx, -Drod, Hoss, Amln to my knowledge. It is possible they need a break to heal. We are getting close to some important dates in the litigation, I hope Siga is willing to put this chapter behind themselves so we can move on. A final response 10-28-13 and a 12-17-13 hearing
      before we see daylight.

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      • ",,,needed a break to heal."

        Huh? I've done well with all of my NFLX trades the past couple of weeks. Between earnings and Icahn's selling, it's been a great month in NFLX- land for me, knock on wood. I've never brought any of my trades to these boards, but I do remember discussing one with you mid-trade. If I failed to mention the exit, I apologize. In fact, I've probably traded NFLX 4-5 times since we last spoke about it. I do a fair amount of trading, so I don't even try to post them on these boards. And I go days in between checking these boards anyway.

        Now dealing with drod, that's something I needed to heal from. :)

        Hope you're doing well.

      • Who knows what will happen with Parsons, but knowing his immense dislike for Siga, it is almost certain he will overreach again on the ruling and cause Siga to appeal it againg to the Supreme court. In other words, I would not expect any sort of resolution on this thing in the next few months. It is absolutely baffling to consider how stuck the FDA approval process is for ST-246. I remember years ago when the final large cohort / cardiac study was just around the corner. Let's go Stern, make something happen.

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