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  • drod4ball drod4ball Nov 11, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    Biggest POS stock of all times

    where are the new developments? are their "partners" just pipe dreams? do they EVER deliver on ANYTHING they say? this stock goes DOWN almost every time the market is up and goes DOWN every time the market is down. all we get is a BS conference call once every three months full of BS and fluff...meanwhile, these pr1cks just give themselves more shares and cash them in.

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    • Yes, SIGA is the biggest POS of all times but .....remember YMI?
      Gilead bought YMI at the end of last year. Like SIGA, YMI had 100 mln in cash but, unlike SIGA, they had to do a phase 3 study before they could submit their NDA. Also, nobody believed that YMI might actually have a better drug than INCY. To my knowledge, there is no drug out there like ST-246. So, no competition. If SIGA ever gets their act together and gets ST-246 approved, the World Health Organization just might purchase 50 million doses. Also, SIGA paid one million dollars to purchase ST-246 from Viropharm. It is hard to believe that SIGA is run by a band of idiots. They are up to something. The writing is on the wall!!!!

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      • " It is hard to believe that SIGA is run by a band of idiots. "

        You neglected to mention its second greatest asset, the 26th richest man in the U.S. who does not suffer idiots or backstabbers kindly.

        Wisdom, a meager $1M, and a great technical/political team yielded him THE CURE(s)!
        The great rewards(Billions) are ahead,NWJ?


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I don't know Drod, I just cashed in my shares of ZLCS and so far I have done a lot better in Siga than that one. And we did have a chance to sell at 14, Rose even demonstrated how to do it. We are paying the loyalty penalty. That is why you are so po'd, you don't like getting boned when the top management sells out and keeps getting fat paychecks and free shares. Where is the Amln?

    • Unfortunately this is just too true.

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