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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Dec 4, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Get Ready to Buy at $2.90

    Getting close to my trading buy level of $2.90. Probably will end up buying "Kage's" stock when he panics for good and decides to dump the rest of his losing shares that he has held from $16. Of course the lying Zidlips will say he sold all of his at $15...LOL...

    So many liars on this Board. Drod tells it like it is and he's shouted down. Ditto for me frankly. All I have posted was facts, but nobody wants to hear the truth here do they?

    1. Fact ... There has bee no FDA approval for ST-246 to date, or even an approved FDA SPA for it.
    2. Fact.... The company has no reportable profits to date from the sale of ST-246..
    3. Fact... The company has had one customer since it was formed...BARDA.
    4. Fact.... Only one contract has been entered into for the product produced by this company. With BARDA.
    5. Fact.... There have been no sales of the company's product to anyone else since the date of formation.
    6. Fact.... There have been no sales of the company's product to any foreign nation.
    7. Fact.... The company's "pipeline" in not past the pre-clinical stages of dvelopment.
    8. Fact... Major insiders sold millions of dollars worth of stock more than 3 years ago from $12-$14 and have
    not bought back one share of Siga stock on the open market since that time.
    9. Fact.... The company continues to grant incentive stock options to Officers and Directors of the company
    dispite the fact that the stock has lost approixmately 80% of it's value during the last three years.
    10. Fact...The judgment in favor of PIP in the PIP v Siga litigation was affirmed on appeal on the issue
    of liability. The issue of damages was remanded back to the lower Court for further determination.

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