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  • drod4ball drod4ball Dec 9, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Love all the "positive" posts...

    meanwhile, the stock is down 14% over the last 3 month, probably one of the only stocks to have such a poor performance. But some dipsticks here just hang on for dear life, posting random nonsense that they PERCEIVE as positive, all the while the BOD and management couldn't care less. Who's ready for the next worthless conference call??!?!

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    • Yawn time for another conference call again?!?!

    • ..I hope you will love another positive post.....this time next year Siga will have more cash in hand than it's current market cap......and this time next year Siga will be litigation free and will have market cap multiple times the one you see right now.....and a potential suitor Siga worth at least 1 billion even with continued litigation and then let Richman find the right lawyers to compete with the jackals of Pfizer....and another that you may not believe.....poop and Siga may merge by next year and they started cutting payroll already....etc....

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      • "poop and Siga may merge by next year"

        Is the Prescott Group that was against the PIP/Theraclone merger the same Prescott Group that was involved with M&F in the Coleman/Sunbeam merger?

      • See....this is EXACTLY my issue with SIGA investors. You have all of these scenarios working out perfectly in your head, like some sexi fairytale story. My VERY SERIOUS question to you...and I'm being sincere here, is do you REALLY think SIGA has been a good investment and the management has served your investment interest? That's the key question. You can grab on to Rose's BS and nonsensical lip service all you want, but until they come thru on ANYTHING, you can't assume that there's a big deal with "Pfizer" in the works, simply because that's what you are hoping for. You're grabbing at straws there. The bottom line is, for the last FIVE years, this company has pretty much gone no where.They may be litigation free in the next year, but that doesn't mean it will necessarily be a positive outcome for SIGA. I would really love to hear your answer to my question you really think SIGA has been good to it's investors?

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