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  • drod4ball drod4ball Dec 12, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    The absolute craziness and looney behavior of Mocastine thru the years

    A quick summary:
    -He has created at LEAST 3 handles, mocastine, evenu2canexcel, and even billythekiddo (who he has created to speak with "MO" and make him sound legitimiate)
    -And, despite the above, he accuses OTHERS of using multiple IDs!
    -He claims the MM is obsessive and compulsively manipulating the share price, and yells to minda da gappa, yet that doesn't apply to NFLX!
    -He has been calling for $20 for about 6 years now and has never questioned that even thru the big drop
    -His senseless babbling makes no sense to most people, but that doesn't stop him
    -The ONLY people he respects are those that are on his side
    -Lastly, he is OBSESSED with the CMRX share price, claiming it's going to crash....despite the market cap being more than TWICE that of SIGA since the IPO and has never been lower than that!

    If you ask me, this guy needs to be institutionalized....perhaps he already is. But if anyone thinks this individual is normal and sane, I don't know what to say....

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