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  • briedwards123 briedwards123 Dec 12, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    Hey Mo'

    What posting(s) on Dec 4th are you referring to where drod4ball forgot to change his handle. TYIA

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    • "What posting(s) on Dec 4th are you referring to where drod4ball forgot to change his handle. TYIA"
      It was more screwing up characters.
      FREAKY had been bashing "to $2.90" for weeks & then all of a sudden on Dec 4 GOLONG posts "....$2.90 Buy....."

      On Dec 5, at the end of my post I added the foll:

      "So who was it that was waiting for $2.90, FREAKBALL or GOAWAY2013?
      Sort of screwed up characters,NWAMLN?"

      Despite posting 24/7, he never addressed the matter of "the screwed up characters" script until yesterday(12/11, 5 days later with one phoney post after the other) with the phoney "Who was the first to predict $2.90 debate?"!
      Someone has to rebut these deceitful paid bashers post by post.
      I don't have the time: others may.
      Short term it matters; long term it does not.
      They( his bosses) are getting wiped out at NFLX & have lost the (that AMLN was posting a few months ago) game at CMRX,NWAMLN?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • briedwards, I don't care what you believe...but I am telling you with 100% honesty that I have NEVER posted under another ID here....other than a previous ID that was closed down about 8 years ago. I have absolutely NO reason to use other IDs, it makes no sense to me. Furthermore, anyone with any sense would see that that fool has actually posted with multiple IDs. That's the strange part...HE does IT and then accuses others of doing it, without regard for the truth. Believe me or not, really doesn't matter to me, but I am being honest. No reason to have multiple IDs, it's stupid....this is anonymous for goodness sake.

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