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  • caminocasa07 caminocasa07 Dec 20, 2013 12:08 PM Flag


    Short Message--to be considered by the Board of Directors of either company
    It should be---Here is the "New Plan" (The current plan is not working).

    Siga issues 28,538,000 shares of new Siga stock to Pip shareholders to acquire
    all of Pip.---This would result in Siga with 81,539,000 shares outstanding.
    Upon consummation of the deal --currently existing Siuga shareholders would receive
    a $40,000,000 special dividend distribution (approximately $.75 share on the
    current 53,000,000 Siga shares currently outstanding)

    This would be in effect 65% of the "new" company owned by Siga shareholders and
    35% owned by Pip shareholders----this is what "the market" is currently valuing
    both companies with Siga at $3.38 and Pip at $1.78.

    All litigation would terminate
    Combined company's operations rationalized---operating expenses reduced dramaticaly
    "New Siga" an acquisition candidate

    New company would have considerable cash on hand after the $40,000,000 dividend
    to Siga shareholders.

    Most importantly SigaPharma would be freed up from the legal entanglement and would
    have the potential to grow rapidly---IMHO Siga stock would jump sharply on the announcement
    of a deal like this which would inure to the benefit of the shareholders of both companies.
    (the 65%-35% ratio would remain intact and Pip stock would appreciate to keep pace
    with Siga)

    There are talented members on the Board of Directors of both companies---interestingly,
    12 Siga Directors 8 Pip Directors --Very close to the 65% 35% ratio contemplated.
    Actually, this ratio could be massaged slightly---perhaps 60% -40%---resultiing in
    an adjustment to the breakdown of shares mentioned above---
    (a 60%-40% ratio would result in 35,333,000 shares to Pip ---then 88,333,000 total
    shares of SigaPharma outstanding. Siga and Pip should be able to negotiate an equitable
    split along these lines(No outside attorneys involved!)

    The Siga Board would be doing what they are supposed to be trying to do ---enhance shareholder value.

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