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  • jimdavist jimdavist Jan 5, 2014 11:41 PM Flag

    Forced consummation?

    The CCJ, stated as "fact", the license agreement was never consummated. Is he going to change "fact" to fiction now and award PIP the license agreement? If so, then he will take it upon himself to consummate the agreement. I don't see him having that power.

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    • Promissory Estoppel
      In the law of contracts, the doctrine that provides that if a party changes his or her position substantially either by acting or forbearing from acting in reliance upon a gratuitous promise, then that party can enforce the promise although the essential elements of a contract are not present.

      This is what golongin2008 still thinks is going to happen, even after the S C said NO!

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      • JIM et al,

        Until & unless DROD, GOLONG & The AMLN Group post a sentiment (which they have NEVER done), you MUST conclude that they have been paid/are being paid to post here so you cannot be surprised by their ad hominem attacks or their blatantly stupid attacks on common sense or on management or on other posters that are intended to confuse, dishearten, and annoy.
        Who is paying "them"?
        Who benefits by their 24/7 posts to and with one another?
        Would baggies post their vitreol with such zeal?
        Would newbies bother to do likewise?
        Or shorts? Or MM's?
        Ask yourselves who gains from the know-it-all one upsmanship?

        BUY a few, box 'em, and be patient
        or hold and be patient!

        Also GOOG "Bashers' Handbook" and scan the rules for bashers.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • See DROD's post under "Do The Right Thing"

    • Damages at the time of the breaches(by POOP & SIGA) are:
      Reliance Damages= 1 Buck!

      See the 28 pages as to why he could not award Expectancy Damages at the time of the breach & relied on
      his posterior aperture to excrete Promissoryt Estoppel,NWAMLN?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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