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  • drod4ball drod4ball Jan 10, 2014 1:26 PM Flag

    The MAJOR fatal flaw of SIGA management

    In the most simple form, it is that they put 100% of their eggs in the "bio defense" basket and that was it. How many folks do ANY of you know that are currently seriously at risk of smallpox or dengue fever? These are either small world diseases in places that don't have the money to defense against them medically anyway, or they are "threats" of war....and a proactive reaction of protection. However, these are not diseases or risks that are consistently ongoing day to day.

    Instead, SIGA management should have diversified it's risk in being 100% bio-defense oriented and put more focus on developing a general anti-viral, like the old ST-669. That could have really been something, something that people might need EVERY DAY here in the US or other countries. As it stands, they shelved that to focus on a drug where it is constantly under political pressure and FDA approval scrutiny. Had Rose and Hruby had any brains at all they would have pushed to parallel ST-669 along with their "bread and butter" drugs, which really have been all bread at this point.

    If you disagree with me, fine. But you are missing the bigger picture in all of this and deserve to have a management like we have running a company of a stock in which you're invested in.

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