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  • bernarrdo bernarrdo Jan 14, 2014 4:20 PM Flag

    Drodball the negative GURU or paid basher

    I have read a lot of his posts.I believe that he is either a paid basher or just a negative fool. I strongly believe that Siga will be a trmendous success based all on fundamentals.I believe that the SP will exceed $25 in a few short years All one has to do is their due diligence. I have been ib the market for more than 40 years and enjoyed success. For your own benefit I strongly suggest that you put Drodball on ignore. Mark my words. WE HAVE A WINNER! Just be patient. I know that he will respond but I have witnessed negative people like him before that was probably getting paid to bash.

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    • LOL! I heard that SIX years ago you fool! This stock was supposed to be at $25 in 2011! And it went to its IPO price during the BIGGEST stock run in history the last 18 months! And I'm a fool?!? I Wish I were a paid basher....I'm just a realist, and reality tells me you're well short of average intelligence

    • LOL. You, Bernardo, are the fool. LOL. Seriously, you're studying the 'fundamentals'? LOL. Believe all you want, but SIGA has played poorly during the last 8 years. I have been sitting here listening to you pumpers and you have been wrong every single time. Management has played this stock so poorly....and yet they have played this stock so well, all at the same time. Poorly for their stock holders and extremely well for themselves. They are doing all they can to, imho, keep this stock in te toilet until after Parsons wraps things up. They do not want to appear as though they are a great deal. Also, they have bragged that they have other drugs in the works . . .LOL....yeah, 8 years later and nothing....not even trials, grants, investors....nothing. You, my friend, are ignorant concerning this stock. They should have played fair from the onset and everyone would be rich today. The only winners are management and their lawyers....period. LOL, like putting Drod on ignor is such the punishment. LOL

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