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  • bernarrdo bernarrdo Jan 22, 2014 6:17 PM Flag

    Drodball and aliases are now exposed

    He and his aliases keep NEGATIVE statements of sorts just to cast doubt amoungst the newbees and others. Well it is now proven that he should be ignored. Anyone that reads and adheres to his posts Are fools. Siga as I have alwas stated is going to be a "Home run" . I bought netflix @ $17 and held because all the fundamentals were there. THE SAME WIT SIGA. I strongly suggest that you put Drodbal(WHAT A CRAZY NAME) AND HIS BASHER ALIASES ON iGNORE!!

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    • What?!?! I GUARANTEE YOU that I have one ID, ONE. Not like most around here. And what about those posts that were dug up that you made, GUARANTING this stock would be $25 by now?!? LOL. What a fool.

    • why put him on ignore when you yourself don't? Why has this board , including your post all of a sudden become a nflx board? We are on the eve of one of the biggest runs this stock has seen and we are talking about another stock of (DROD) the poster which you want us to ignore. I bought apple at 15 so what?

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      • You are right. I just put him on ignore. My point with Netflix was that I held the stock for a long time just like Siga. All the fubdamentals for Siga IMO are terrific. I guess that I got carried away reading all Drod's negative #$%$.This is my last post because I am a poative person and I will never again argue with a negative person.Good luck to you and all longs.

      • You're right siana. I wish you the best on this one and congrats on being in the black.
        AAPL at $15?...Now that was a great call! You are indeed "wise".

        This board has a long and sometimes very painful history. Lots of us drank the kool aide five years ago and trusted what Rose and the other BOD's were doing with the company. When they sold millions of dollars worth of stock in the teens we blindly accepted their explanation of divorce, or taxes. Had some very smart and well educated longs and posters like Playthrough...Drod...Amlin....and many others. Then we had the customary pumpers like Boomer, and those who called every dissent "bashing" like Zidlips... Eastern Tennessee...and so many others here.

        Now this stock is owned by mostly penny stock, hope and a prayer, late to the party, type of posters looking to make their monthly mortgage payments with a quick hit on this one. No serious money in this name now frankly.Just poorly educated younger guys with big mouths, and small wallets, and little else to offer.

        But if you play the ranges it's a good stock to trade just as long as you take your profits at some point.
        Good luck to you and see you around on other boards !

      • Siana, there is no way he bought NFLX at $17 and, if he even did, it is even MORE less likely that he hasn't yet sold that long ago. Believe VERY LITTLE of what the nutjobs on this board claim.

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