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  • usicktroll1 usicktroll1 Jan 23, 2014 7:24 AM Flag

    POOR drod4ball - A HUGE NFLX SHORT FROM $250



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    • I agree with Drod on nflx. Just don't have the balls to do it like that he does. Sooner or later it will crash.

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      • What????? Why, I got into NFLX 20% higher than when he began running around like his hair was on fire screaming that the plunge was imminent. I STILL lost 20%. How come you allow that “sooner or later” he’ll be right, when he mocks those who say “sooner or later” SIGA will hit? Are you DROD?

      • Siana, ignore that wackow. Seriously. that person is nuts and posts NON STOP on the NFLX board and other boards, and literally follows people all over the MB's to harrass them. He's certifiably crazy. He has about 10 IDs and claims to make hundreds of thousands of dollars trading stocks! LOL. Like a person that makes that kind of jack would spend their free time harrassing people. You get all kinds of loons on these boards, but that person is the sickest one (literally) I've ever seen.

        I will tell you, if ever there was a stock that was over, way over, bloated based merely on "things" that are speculated "might" happen in the future, it's NFLX. Remember when there was all that chatter about them and Cable companies coming together? The stock ran like $30 that day. Now the chatter is Europe expansion and the stock runs $25. This company is nothing more than a shell for so-called information releases and literally real pumping of stocks, in action. You will notice every time the stock trails downward or has some bad publicity, suddenly they have HUGE earnings, etc, or some other "new" revenue avenue. Their accounting policies are questionable, at best. They completely shake off debt as it pertains to their revenues, and the ISP issue as well. They literally think Verizon went thru all that trouble in the lawsuit, simply as a "threat". Ridiculous. Some day there is going to be a "come to Jesus" of sorts with this stock, the share price, the investors and the management, and reality. And it won't be pretty. The business model is based on a bunch of "what ifs" and doesn't consider proper competition, low barriers to entry, payment of debt, and what happens when new PAYING subscriber growth slows. I hope I'm around and short for that event.

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