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  • saint_van46 saint_van46 Feb 5, 2014 9:06 AM Flag

    Possible Parsons Rulings

    Most of you know I am a long-time long. I've owned SIGA for years. Bought and sold at all levels. Most of the sells were because of margin, which saved me, really. Anyway, While we are waiting for ANYTHING to happen, I am curious about what some of you "think" Parsons (I will call him P) will do. We can keep our heads in the sand and hope for the best, but clearly, he hates SIGA. And clearly, the SC has given him a get-out-jail free card. I had a thought about a possible solution and would like to hear your comments.

    The problem with P just granting a license to PIP and shafting SIGA is P has already ruled that expectation damages were too speculative and if P did that, control of 246 would be in PIP's hands, risking the already negotiated contract for both PIP and SIGA. Also, if P granted a license in accordance with the LATS, SIGA would get 10-12% royalty on everything PIP was supposed to do and that SIGA has already done. P has already said he felt both parties indicated a willingness at the time to consider a 50% split, which is why he ruled the way he did originally.

    So, what if he ruled in accordance with the LATS and reversed the parties, giving a 12% royalty to PIP for doing nothing (plus court costs and attorney fees).

    Another thought I had was him granting a license for future sales, removing the "speculative" part. That one is pretty scary for everyone, I think.

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    • Excerpts from Press Release from CDC
      For Immediate Release: Friday, April 4, 2014
      Lassa Fever Reported in U.S. Traveler Returning from West Africa

      Contact investigation under way; risk to other travelers considered extremely low

      The CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) have confirmed a diagnosis of Lassa fever in a person returning to the United States from West Africa. The patient was admitted to a hospital in Minnesota on March 31 with symptoms of fever and confusion. Blood samples submitted to CDC tested positive for Lassa fever on April 3. The patient is recovering and is in stable condition. ((I would add that the fatality rate is about 20%))

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    • Saint....I remember you....I was here back before anyone knew who Obama was also....
      Question is...what is SIGA doing?
      Where is FDA?
      Where is foreign sales?
      Where the hell is the rest of their drug candidates?
      Been out of SIGA for 3 years but still follow it.....what a damn shame.....

      • 1 Reply to pghpa412
      • Pghpa.... I remember you. You were one of the Lieutenants in the Boomer, Zitlips, et al. Siga pumper army.
        As an FYI...Siga was $13 "3 years" ago, and I doubt you got out then. Nice try. My reollection is you and the other pumpers bailed alot lower than that. Did yah come back here to gloat, or just bored? If you "still follow it" why all the dumb questions? guys just can't tell the truth one iota, can yah?

    • Well, I got a thumbs down for something. Just don't know what.

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