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  • homebuilder_watcher homebuilder_watcher Mar 7, 2014 1:22 PM Flag

    Question for board

    Still holding a small position here so have not been keeping up. It appears everything is status quo with the company providing the drug but the stock is basically dead in the water. My assumption is that this stock has peaked until and if it wins the court case. if SIGA wins the stock will go up to whatever the additional NPV of the drug is if it doesn't have to share it, cal it $6, but that's it. To put it another way, this company has no more value to add to shareholders other than additional revenue from NOT having to share the cash with the other company. Basically holding the stock for upside at this point is strictly betting on a court win for SIGA. Anyone look at it differently?

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    • Homebuilder, From a positive standpoint, the stock is locked between three and three fifty due to the court case. On the last Conference Call Rose stated that the company had enough compounds , were downsizing, has already reduced some employees and looking for a partner for Dengue now, They have a new member of the board from Pfizer, they analyst asking questions asked if about the connection and of course Rose could not answer that question if the deal was not comjpleted. He or the Financial officer did state that some parts would be completed by the end of the year and some early in 2014. Rose is to smart to bring all of that info to surface especially downsizing unless he had almost a guarantee from some big company. If this call today provides a partner or is very positive then this stock could move regardless the the court case. You can go to the Siga site and replay the call, golong and his bunch has an agenda for not telling you this info.

    • Homebuilder....Your question is difficult to answer because NO information has been forthcoming from the company re status of existing business and/or other opportunities that they might be exploring outside of BARDA; the FDA status re trials and ultimately approval of ST-246 with the FDA; development or acquisition of future products etc.once the BARDA contract runs it's course; contingency plans re the company if the verdict goes against the company once again; longer term business plans....etc. etc. "pipeline" status, etc. and plans for development of such longer term;

      Absent any information forthcoming from the company it's pretty tough to say what the investment promise can be. I mean, since they're not recognizing revenues from BARDA at the present time, it's very hard to even dicipher the financials. GL...

    • Oh no, NO N O!! They are OPTIMIZING!! Didn't you hear that key word on the last conference call FOUR months ago!?!? Optimization, buddy. In that word is "opti", which is short for OPTIMUM! That means something optimum is going to happen! Sounds good, no?? What....what's that you say? It sounds odd to you and doesn't make any sense?? Yeah, me too....

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