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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 May 2, 2014 12:34 PM Flag

    Reality Time Folks...

    Unlike the trust fund babies, those with rich wives, and the lightweight 300 share nothing owners who post here regularly, I actually had multiple six figures of hard earned after tax dollars invested in this company more than five (5) years ago. I then watched Rose, and some of the other Officers and Directors, dump millions of dollars worth of their shares in the low teens, while basically telling the rest of us all was well, and that we should prevail in the CMRX dispute by taking the "high road". Well, we obviously did not prevail,
    and the rest, so they say, is history. From that time to the present, Mr. Rose has not bought back one share of Siga stock on the open market. Now if that in and by itself is not telling, you people are beyond hope.

    For the simpleton's here who lack basic math skills, like me provide you with the following:

    Siga stock returns:

    YTD.... -14.7%
    1 Yr..... -16.7%
    3 yr...... - 40.8%

    $10,000 invested in Siga common stock 5 years ago would now be worth $4,529...

    So the S&P was up close to 30% last year, and recently just hit a new all time high,
    and so did the Dow, and you're all just pleased as punch with Siga as an investment?.
    I mean you're all either rich as heck, or dumb as dirt, possibly a little of both?
    I mean how much do you folks have to lose before you start asking questions?
    Those who question are not the "bad" guys here. Get a clue.

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    • Nobody cares about your opinion goforschlong. Your character is worn, tired, old. Your babble means zilch.

    • But then again. Those of us with a cost basis of $2.5 because of purchases dating from 2006 have nothing to lose. Why sell now? Why is the daily volume 100k? A lot of us are waiting for the decision. Why are you suggesting that it is time to sell? Just leave us grunts alone and let us wait it out in peace. Please.

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      • I have to think that maybe Rose is being forced to do something he doesn't believe. Power behind the throne may be making distasteful things happen. The water boarding will continue until we get the truth.

      • Toirish.... No offense, but reading comprehension wasn't exactly your strong suit in school was it? Where did I suggest that you, or anyone else, "sell now"? My post was solely on the issue of management's performance as reflected in the price of the stock over the last five years. I could frankly care less what you or anyone else here does with your stock, or anything else for that matter.

        You apparently are very good though at "waiting". You said you bought your stock at $2.50, then apparently watched it go to $16, then sat on your hands all the way back down to $2.83? And now you're waiting for the
        "decision"? You "waited" for the first one too, and how did that one work out for yah? LOL...

        Why is the daily volume 100k? I give tell me? Is that supposed to be positive or negative?
        Since the stock has moved down from $3.60 to $2.80 with the Dow and S&P both hitting recent new highs,
        I'll leave it to your keen logic to give us an answer...LOL..

        Hey Irish... I'm half Irish too by the way (Flanagan), but being stubborn, which certainly is an Irish trait, sometimes isn't the best posture to take in the stock market. I know what I speak of too. I rode the stock from $16 down to $4.65 before I sold. GL to you!

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