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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 May 19, 2014 10:07 PM Flag

    Where Did All The Pumpers Go?

    Where's my best bud selllowbuyhigh? Siga was $3.45 when you first started posting here in February, 2014. It's now $2.69. That's a 22% loss in just three months since you started pumping the stock on this Board.
    And you probably paid a lot more than that for your stock didn't you, but you'd never have the balls to tell us what you actually did pay for it would you? LOL! What a little man, lying loser you are.

    And the only people who have actually made money on Siga stock in 2014? Only Drod and I, when we traded it from $2.90 to $3.65...LOL I mean how ironic is that? The two most hated people on this Board, and the only ones to make money on it in 2014?

    But the worst loser is likely coming IMHO. I feel bad for some of the long time loyal longs here who got taken to the cleaners, but for you, when the verdict comes down, I'm going to be laughing my #$%$ off.

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    • over @ IDIX makin some moolla

    • what's the matter goforschlongalldaylong? you've already posted that you are the biggest loser here. you bought all the way down from $15.50 to $6. How did that averaging down do for your portfolio? ....But hey!! You made a few quarters on one trade! Yippeee! You da' man! You da' best! You are traderextraordinare! How do you do it!?! ....what a loser you are! lmfao

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      • Sell low...Go read my posts on DRTX.... $7-$16.75 in less than 10 months on a lot...and I mean a lot of shares....Multiple six figure profits taken today...Posted all trades when I did them too. Just having some fun here. You're probably not a bad guy in person, but man you're riding a dead horse in this name and have been from day one. Yes... I might have been one of the biggest losers here, but I got back on the horse with other stocks, and made it all back, five fold. Posted those trades here too when I did them.

        Why do you think Siga keeps hitting multiple lows just about every other day? Cause of the market? Guess again. Why do you think company Officers haven't bought any stock on the open market even at a new year and multi year low? Cause they don't like making money? Come on man....

        Let's do this....If the verdict that is about to come down does not favor PIP, substantially, and the stock does not react accordingly (meaning it goes down rather than up), I'll leave this Board for good. On the other hand if the stock goes down following the verdict, you say hasta la vista to this Board...for good. Bet?

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