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  • tla_usa tla_usa Aug 4, 2014 9:02 PM Flag

    Ebola -- Would it be difficult to stop an Ebola spread in USA?

    “If [Ebola] were to appear in the U.S., it would stop very rapidly in its tracks. The whole dynamic of transmission of this virus doesn’t exist here,”

    ----- this is per ---- Ian Lipkin, the epidemiologist and Columbia University professor that is credited for identifying West Nile virus as the cause of a 1999 encephalitis epidemic in New York City
    ((Source: cited in Newsweek news today))

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    • "Brantly began to deteriorate and developed labored breathing. He told his doctors he thought he was dying, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation.

      "....... Within an hour of receiving the medication, Brantly's condition dramatically improved. He began breathing easier; the rash over his trunk faded away. One of his doctors described the events as "miraculous."

      "By the next morning, Brantly was able to take a shower on his own before getting on a specially designed Gulfstream air ambulance jet to be evacuated to the United States.

      ((Source CNN))

      The drug at issue is not in clinical trials yet. The research group, the commercialization group, and the equity group are all private companies. The drug research grants on this are in part thru DARPA (not BARDA).

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