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  • golongn2014 golongn2014 Aug 8, 2014 9:13 PM Flag

    Judgment is for 1.49 billion dollars!! Siga Now BK


    OMG....100x's worse than even I could have ever figured. Parsons affirms the " bad faith" of Siga in negotiations. He cites PIP's rights to "expectation damages" in a lump sum amount. Says PIP's economic expert established reasonable expectation of sales starting in 2010 and totaling 14,903,245 units, at $100 per unit.(including 125k units for the DOD). That amounts folks to 1.49 billion dollars. Judgment only for the initial period starting in 2010 (not 2008 as requested) and ending in 2015. Also, one third of incurred attorney and
    expert fees according to proof, plus legal rate of interest from the date of breach (2006) until paid in full.

    1.49 billion dollars? How do you say hasta la vista Siga? Like I have been saying now for a least a year. The only way to get rid of t his judgment it once appeals have run and it becomes final, is BK or a settlement with PIP..

    But hey...Don't listen to the real lawyers here like myself and Alibi...Go to Wikipedia for your legal training then listen to the idiots here like"buyhighsellow"...They'll take your money every day by being just plain stupid and smart #$%$. Sleep well Sigaites. You were warned over and over.......

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