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  • pagesus52 pagesus52 Aug 9, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    what will happen on Monday morning?

    Given the new ruling and specific damage award, how pip and siga should be valued as of now? I believe most investors have both. If siga holders didn't buy some pip in the past six months, you are unwise, to say the least.

    Because of the appeal wait time and uncertainty, I think pip will go to 3-4 dollars short term, and siga wil go above 5 for future prospects, which it does not have to share with pip.

    If a hedge fund steps in to buy both companies to end this madness, then all bets are off. 7 dollars a piece is an acceptable offer. gl.

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    • Professional shorts will have received opinions from their legal eagles & will cover SIGA in a panicky mode & load up on POOP.

      Traders will have a field day with both.

      All those on the fence about whether to buy or not to buy SIGA will seek advice and then buy or just buy because they have determined that the "expectation damages" are so speculative (that they are a fantasy)
      that even Parsons was wise enough not to derive his original judgment based on them as he recorded in his
      28 page original judgment.
      Stretching to 53 pages cannot and will not overcome that at the time of the alleged breach expectation damages were way too speculative to award as Parsons stated.

      I expect POOP to be flushed & SIGA to be very active up & down as all the players(media, hedgies, shorts,
      MM's, traders) game each other but at the end of the trading day, SIGA will be up & POOP will be in the crapper.

      BUT the game will start in the pre-opening session as each player makes his move.....unless trading is halted ....esp. if SIGA and others issue press releases.

      So, hold tight,! Or add a few.
      There are and have been very few startup biotechs in history (1) that have a product that works, (2)that have been awarded a $2.8B contract that has caused competitors with nothing to award speaking fees/other fees to high level politicians and media to thwart that contract award resulting in a recompetition with only one submittal from SIGA and an award of $600M, (3) that have made deliveries to the USG, (4) and that are receiving payment from the USG selling for 2 plus bucks.



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