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  • karmaranoveryourdogma karmaranoveryourdogma Mar 13, 2007 6:05 PM Flag

    Topomax- off label use

    The news release on topomax really caught my eye as a couple of ladies from my gym slimmed down tremendously in the past year & each mentioned this drug. I never thought twice about this until I saw this is prescribed for epilepsy, not weight management/loss.

    Anyone think JNJ could go this route, someone obviously knows it has these benefits. Much like Pfizers heart drug that became Viagara??

    Anyone know about this use in the USA? I live in Canada
    Thanks longs

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    • Apparently, Topamax was in Phase 3 trials as a weight loss drugs but was not approved due to serious side effects. Therefore it is highly unlikely that JNJ could take the viagra route here. Ethically, I feel it would be inappropriate in this case for JNJ to promote the drug for weight loss knowing the potential problems it could cause.

      There is a current controversy over allegations that JNJ sales reps have in fact been marketing the drug to doctors for weight loss purposes. If found guilty, then there is a potential that JNJ could be held liable for some serious fines. In either case, the media about this case is making it well known to the public that using Topamax may in fact result in weight loss, creating consumer demand for the drug.

      My personal hope is that JNJ scientists are able to modify the drug in order to make it safe. If they can do this, they would have a blockbuster on their hands. Although I am holding JNJ, I do not wish to make money at the expense of public health and safety.

    • It was rumored years ago that J&J was working on a weight reduction drug.
      They are always seeking new instances for their existing drug lines.

      One can only assume that there were significant unacceptable side effects from whatever drug was being tested.
      Considering how the government is putting the drug companies through the wringer now about promoting non-approved uses of their drugs, it would have been a disaster for J&J to have gone down this path with Topomax.

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      • Thank you both for your responses! I am curious if doctors in the US are prescibing it strictly for weight. Where are they getting the idea to do this?
        I am not clear on what review of Topomax is happening now in the US.
        From what I understand, this drug is fairly new to Canada (less than 2 years).

        Weight loss drugs always have blockbu$ter potential, so why not market to that? Thanks for any feedback.

    • Your correct! I know some who, I believe, use it as a weight loss drug. I know they absolutely do not want to give it up and it is not becasue of migraine headaches.

      Apparently, it works good for weight loss in the US too.

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