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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jan 17, 2009 12:38 PM Flag

    Bush, Republican'ts wounded the US.

    Stocks will go higher now that he is leaving.

    - Substantially weaken this formerly great country.
    - sends 1 trillion to IRAQ
    - Incompetant Katrina management
    - Does nothing about Aug 2001 memo stating 'Al Quaeda determined to strike in the US'. Is literally on vacation. Rice does nothing.

    - Massive deficits.
    - Signing statements making a mockery of the constitution.
    - Al Gonzolez - looks other way on torture
    - Shrub fires US attorneys because they didn't vote for him.
    - Appointed incompetant overseer of markets, and other positions. Maybe time to get rid of Coxx years ago?
    - Cuts taxes and then wages 2 wars. No president ever in US hostory cut taxes during war. Prior administrations were all responsibile for paying for our wars. Not shrub.

    - The ‘uniter not divider’ created the most partisan political atmosphere in US history. Thank you rove and Shrub for putting power ahead of US well being, You said ‘ You are either for us or against us.’ Well anyone with a brain is against what you have done to the country.

    - We all know you wanted to invade IRAQ before 911 ever happened.

    - We all know IRAQ was a diversion from you finding OSAMA

    - We the people all know your frequent security alerts from homeland security were designed to keep the public distracted from your incompetance. We all know the alerts increased during election periods.

    - We the people do not but the myth that sending 1 trillion US to IRAQ is either worth it or keeping US safe. We the unfearful, know that this is only an illusion and your excuse to justify massive failure running the war or finding WMD.

    Guess the massive budget deficits and massive failure to control economy are the Democrats fault.

    Nothing is Shrubs fault. No. Nothing.

    Sign on aircraft carrier should have read ' Incompetance accomplished'

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    • Dick Cheney hurt his back yesterday while moving furniture out of his office. He intends to attend today's Inauguration in a wheel chair.

      Can you think of any more appropriate metaphor for the outgoing administration of Mr. 22%?

    • So Bush is bad. Got it.

      How should we feel about about:

      1. A Treasury Secretary who cheats on taxes?

      2. A Secretary of state who is already accepting foreign donations to the "Clinton foundation"


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      • Better than a dimwit puppet from an elitist family with contempt for us. Better than starting two wars all based on lies to benefit his oil friends and the Saudis.. By the way 19 of the 21 911 terrorists were Saudi.....but Bush invaded Afganistan and Pakistan. Nobody has ever really asked about that. Screw the Bushs and the GOP. ANYTHING is better than idiots like Bush, Boehner, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Cheney, Rumsfeld and there kind. You had your 8 years and RUINED everything you touched. Now STFU.

    • What does your post have to do with J&J. Why don't you move to Russia? I am sure you would be happier. It's a lovely place in the summer but I didn't find the people to be very friendly and the food was terrible.

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      • Typical Liberal, the only argument you really have against Bush is " Iraq". Nothing else of substance.

        Bush wanted to start 2 wars? Well Obama wants to scale down Iraq, and send extra troops to Afganistan. Are you and your elk going to call him a war monger too?

        Defecits? Obama is already asking congress for a trillion of dollars to help " stimualate the economy". When Bush gave out his stimulus checks he was a " moron giving away money we don't have", and now Obama wants to do the same thing and he " wants to help the people". You make me sick. Go move to Venezuela.

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