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  • joeywisdom57 joeywisdom57 Mar 15, 2012 8:32 AM Flag

    Where is the outrage


    As a stockholder, I feel so insignificant, that writing a letter to this institution seems futile - probably only winding up in the trash. We have government agencies that monitor news of wall street companies - I know they are watching the "goings-on" at J&J - had Weldon on the ropes one time, and let him go - that was incredible.

    Manufacturing deficiencies, product quality issues, recalls, layoffs, lawsuits, reputation demise, toxic acquisitions, excessive payouts to leaders with cuts to employee compensation. Doesn't this warrant someone with clout stepping in with some serious requests for answers as to how this circus at corporate operates?

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    • At times, it does feel like as individual shareholders are too insignificant to make a difference. Silence is not going to make things better.

      Change has to start somewhere. Call IR, give them a earful, forward them my post, do something. Don't take it lying down.

      Weldon should have been fired years ago for incompetence. This retirement package is rubbing salt into the wounds that have been inflicted on shareholders for the past decade.

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