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  • affirmativeactionbarryo affirmativeactionbarryo Oct 29, 2012 7:41 PM Flag

    Seriously? I question anyone's business accumen who desires to have Barry be President.

    If you are working or know anyone working within an organization that has a leadership role and is in love with Barry please question everything and anything they recommend. Its more than likely wrong and at worst will impact operations and cause you to lose money.

    I mean how can anyone seriously throw support behind such a man? He is an empty suit and only cares about redistribution. You only have to look at the inner cities in this country and the leadership that's driving them into the ground to understand where Barry wants to take us.

    I say Good Riddance to the Man-Child AKA Barry Sotero. AKA Barack Hussein NObama.

    Its time to send him back to Chicago where he can take a leadership role in destroying that city with his pal and confidant.

    Good Luck and Go Mitt Romney !

    Mitt Romney for President 2012 !!!

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